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About Us

Qilian Tuhuan e-commerce Co., Ltd. was established in July 2015.It is a multi-service appliance business enterprise, which is focus on e-commerce operations, marketing, human technical resources training and logistics system building.The company is headquartered in Tianjin, and branch structure is located in Xining.
Qilian is an important resource region of Qinghai Province which known as "China's Ural." Animal husbandry includes Tibetan sheep, yak and other wild animals, and there are also mineral resources ,like seabuckthorn, mushrooms, strawberries, lichens, napkins and other edible plants and fungi. 
Qilian Tianjing Ranch brand is divided into Qilian yark milk, Qilian wolfberry, Qilian mushroom and Qilian Cordyceps and other products. Among them, "Qilian rich selenium mushroom" is the special product of this series. 
With the support of the government, we use mature electric business Technolog... [Detail]